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Betshare.biz Review People who do (successful) sports betting for you. Make automated Money with Betshare.biz ? Read Our full Review now.

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Welcome! Betshare.biz Review

My name is Jörg Neumann and I finance my life through sports betting. Initially, it all started as a joke between friends, and was then more and more scientific and therefore my profession For over 3 years we bet successfully, after a long series of losses and instructive rainfall. Since October 2013, we bet full-time and our profits are higher and safer, the more we dealt with it. In January 2014, we have decided to sell shares and to participate other people in it. First there were the friends of friends, and today we have more than 100 people with a total of far more than $ 100,000 volumes, which we bet every week. Instead of betting itself, more and more people walk the path with us, because we always win in the end, even if we (of course) lose between times. We have already met a lot of people who own the same way as we bet, thereby making permanent gains. Unfortunately, their losses are often much larger than ours and therefore this bet much prefer us. We really well adapted and developed our strategy for years and that we can be even better is clear for us. Now we come to the profits: Since January 2014, was hardly a winning week under 6%, mostly there are more than 7%, 8% and often more than several times over 10%, sometimes even more than the 13%. The week begins sometime, there is no fixed date. Sometimes we pay off already after 6 days, sometimes after 5 s. It will be announced always an approximate profit in% in the newsletters and in the news. This results from the gain of the shares. Profits are always divided equally among all the shares. Each share can be sold again, directly to us. Profits are of course immediately your property and can be paid out immediately…

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Betshare.biz Review What’s Betshare?

There are many people who do repeatedly Betting and can even make a living. But without knowledge in the field you have little chance of winning. Since August 2014, there Betshare online already, but the official start offline October 2013 In Betshare you acquire something like shares, which are used by the providers to invest in sports betting of all kinds. He is so successful that he can pour out a week up to 10%. Each share is 100% guaranteed. That is, the money that you invested here you can also cash out again. There are only a vesting period of 60 days in which you have to let the money lie. But why pay again. It brings every week money 🙂 The average in 2014 was 9% gain in the week, just amazing.

What does a share and what he brings to me?

A share costs $ 56 The average in 2014 was 9% profit per week. The average in 2015 is currently at 6.4% per week. Each share can be sold again.

How do I pay and how can I let me collect the win?

A and withdrawals can be made ​​with Perfect Money. Also Bitcoin is accepted! Current Bitcoin address for payments under $ / 1GG7xVZD5PdhVN8mTArSs7bT9i4yN1EoNu 3000 If you have problems to get money to PM, can contact since I can usually help me by I can trans freeze from my PM ​​to your PM account money. Payment is made ​​every week on your account, there you can decide whether you mean buying new shares, or cash out to your PM account want then himself.

Is there a commission if they advertise for someone?

If you find 3 active people in the first place, you will get 3% already in the first place and 1% in the 2nd and 3rd line. If you have more than 10, then there is even 5% primarily, per share, of course. ($ 2.80) For some this sounds very little, but if you look at something is out of most, then that is a huge income. Those who were already 2 years ago here, have some 2000 and more shares and started with some one on. Everyone who stays with us and will not switch to other suppliers, we guarantee are getting bigger. It could be observed that the increase in commission payouts on and on, it’s worth it ..


Conclusion! Betshare.biz Review

The page is not the prettiest, but you seem to know what you are doing. I am now already eight months and can only report on positive. Disbursements from the account on PM carried out very quickly, on average between 2-3 hours. I joined here with 16 shares and have every week bought 1 share it, and leave always pay the rest, now I have my investment back out and already have 65 shares in my account. In order for your looks I do not just purely write what here, I post here every week my payments on PM. If someone lacks the necessary money can of course only time boarding with 1 share and then work up.

Figures-examples: Calculation with 6% weekly gains in Betting

$ 952 one-time deposit = 17 shares – Monthly $ 228 profit

$ 1,512 one-time deposit = 27 Anteile- Monthly $ 362 profit

$ 2,520 one-time deposit = 45 shares -Monatlich $ 604 profit

$ 3,920 one-time deposit = 70 Anteile- Monthly $ 940 profit

How many shares did you bestimmst YOU! The profits you can re-invest or have a week paying

Numbers Examples: re-invest

Start by taking weeks … re-invest Re-investment of profits weekly

$ 952 one-time deposit = 17 shares After 4 weeks = 21 shares = 280 $ / monthly gain After 10 weeks = 28 shares = $ 376 / monthly gain After 15 weeks = 38 shares = 510 $ / monthly gain After 20 weeks = 50 shares = $ 672 / monthly gain

$ 1,512 one-time deposit = 27 shares After 4 weeks = 32 shares = 430 $ / monthly gain After 10 weeks = 45 shares = $ 604 / monthly gain After 15 weeks = 60 shares = $ 806 / monthly gain After 20 weeks = 81 shares = $ 1088 / monthly gain

$ 2,520 one-time deposit = 45 shares After 4 weeks = 53 shares = $ 712 / monthly gain After 10 weeks = 75 shares = $ 1008 / monthly gain After 15 weeks = 101 shares = $ 1357 / monthly gain After 20 weeks = 135 shares = $ 1814 / monthly gain

$ 3,920 one-time deposit = 70 shares After 4 weeks = 83 shares = $ 1115 / monthly gain After 10 weeks = 118 shares = $ 1585 / monthly gain After 15 weeks = 157 shares = $ 2110 / monthly gain After 20 weeks = 211 shares = $ 2835 / monthly gain